Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs DIY ( Do It Yourself)


Carpets, if you have a trendy furnished interior styling plays a major role in enhancing looks of your entire set-up. But they are equally hard to maintain as well. While a lot of carpet cleaning service providers have marked their existence , a basic proportion ( middle class) prefer to clean them on their own . So the budget and how much dirty your carpet plays a very important role in deciding whether to go for professionals or cleaning it by yourself.


For those who are confused with these two things , here are some points which can give you a clear cut difference between the two:


1: Quality of Cleaning

Carpets are most prone to stains when you have a pet ,say a dog or a cat. Animals though are sweet, but they obviously don’t know the rights and wrongs.Pet stains go deep into the carpet fabric and also leaves an unpleasant odour behind. For removing these stains, you need to have much complex machinery which is mostly found with the professionals. Rental machines on the other hand ( For DIY) can remove the surface stains but are not efficient in cleaning carpets deeply. So professional carpet cleaners ensure much good quality cleaning with their knowledge in chemicals and processes. An average person does not have enough knowledge about cleaning tactics.


2: DIY Machines are not  Temperature Efficient

Warm or hot water is needed to be there with you to treat deep stains effectively. DIY machines do not heat the water to the same extent as professional machines due to which only light stains can be removed from your carpet. This is really very disappointing when your carpet is an integral part of your entire interior set-up.


3: Professional Cleaning is Costlier

Professional carpet cleaning demands a little bit higher price and thus easily goes out of the budget. This is the reason why inspite of not cleaning to the mark DIY machines are also used for cleaning purpose. Professional cleaning can be cheaper than DIY if you opt for “Traffic cleaning” facility. In this, only the exposed parts of the carpet are cleaned from outside without taking the entire carpet out. Portions of carpet below the heavy furniture are left as it is. But you can count on carpet cleaning London as their prices are less compared to other companies.


4: Quick Drying Technique

Professional carpet cleaning machines have advanced driers installed in them. This means that you can get a really quick delivery of your cleaned carpet at your doorsteps. DIY machines, on the other hand, do not have enough driers to completely eliminate the water content from the carpet. So this makes the entire cleaning inefficient and delayed process.


5: Knowledge requirement

You’ll definitely feel confused about which solutions and chemicals are to be purchased to effectively clean your carpets. On the other hand , it’s the headache of the professionals about the choices to be made . So you would obviously prefer not to worry about this aspect beside a lot of tensions related to work. So, professionals make it easy.

So, we hope that you may have figured it out up to now about which one to use according to the requirements. So, carefully determine your budget and requirements and choose wisely.



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